Sold hand built pot
Susan Luker in the studio. (3) -

Artist's Statement

Hand built Salcombe estuary influence pot.

My professional career in ceramics began in 1998.

Along with my Raku ceramic work I have introduced a new body of work, stoneware decorative ceramics. Where my ceramic Raku work responded to technical artistic ability and firing processes, my new ceramic work responds more to my emotional feelings and decorative ability interpreting the environment I live in.


I spend a lot of time sketching and painting ideas for my new pieces. This approach helps me to develop beautiful considered objects of art. The flat forms act like a canvas to paint on, abstracting my paintings into feelings on how I see the landscape.


Vitreous slips, clay slips and engobes perform almost like paint on a canvas these liquid clays allow me to use as an emotional expression to my ceramic work, technical ability yes, but a freer creative process to use.


My work has exhibited around the country and abroad also in private collections in the UK and overseas.

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Susan Luker working in her studio re siz
Susan Luker working in her studio 2020 (
Stage 3 sticking the pot together with l
Stage 4 Adding a base to the pot.jpg